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NB: not all font families display accurately in the page Edit View so be sure to PREVIEW CHANGES, then UPDATE to save.


Set the text hierarchy/appearance, in the drop-down menu that’s just below and to the left of the orange “Add Block” button above.
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To embed a video:

  1. ADD BLOCK COMPONENT from the circles in the black band at the center area above, it’s the one with the + sign
    2. select Embed
    4. paste video link there

Change text color:

– Open the settings in  and select FONT
-tap in the COLOR area
-choose the hue from MY COLORS, the site palette

-orange is for llinks

H1 headline: the page title,
first item for search engines

H2 headline: the 2nd most important item for search engines, etc.

H3: Headlines for the book chapters


h5 page numbers, sort of an index, soundies is discussed
H6 Soundies captions

p: body copy

photo captions are added in the Media section or when editing an image.




sample text to play with below. Place cursor in a line to see what heading it is. e.g. Part ONe is Heading 5, italic


Part One. Follow the Money

Introduction: Turning on a Dime

1. Circa 1940:
Race and the Pop-Culture Landscape

2. Risky Business

3. Starting in Hollywood, Heading to Harlem

H4: titles for Soundies titles e.g. Cow-Cow Boogie (1942)

The most popular of Dandridge’s Soundies on YouTube. The tune, a smart hybrid of Western swing and boogie, reflects the cross-genre playfulness that is one of Soundies’ most distinctive traits.

Take the ‘A’ Train







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